An innovative and diversified money disbursement system


Up to 7,000% Staking

Diverse offers 3000% constant stake rewards along with 100 Premium blocks of 7000% APR (activating after every 1000 blocks).

Scrypt Algorithm

Diverse is based on scrypt algorithm, which makes our blockchain more faster. 

Controlling Inflation

Base APR of block rewards will be reduced to 700% after the block #150,000


Diverse Info

Diverse is an innovative money disbursement system that aims to generate demand growth through it’s unique and dynamic blocks rewards.

It’s a cryptocurrency with hybrid pos/pow mechanism. The POS structure is truly unique and dynamic, as there’ll be 100 blocks of 7000% per annum ROI (named as Premium blocks), after every 1000 blocks, with base ROI of 3000%. This will generate continuous attraction for new investors, which will produce growth in the demand.


Ticker: DVRS
Algorithm: Scrypt
Type: POW / POS
Maximum money: 5 billion (5,000,000,000)
Premine: [0.5%] 25 million (25,000,000)
p2p port=37772
rpc port=37773
Block Time: 2 min till 10,000 blocks, 3 min afterwards.
Minimum stake age: 6 hours
Coinbase maturity: 10 confirmations
Max block size: 2000000



POS will start from block number 1000.

There will be 2 different numerals representing per annum ROI of POS rewards, 3000% and 7000%. The base APR will be 3000% and the 7000% APR will activate after every 10 blocks just for 1 block, named as Premium block. This will continue till 70,000 blocks. The rewards will change after 70K blocks, which will be explained later. The structure of POS rewards till 70K blocks would be as follows:

60000 to 60001 Blocks (7000% per annum ROI)
60001 to 60010 Blocks (3000% per annum ROI)

60010 to 60011 Blocks (7000% per annum ROI)
50011 to 50020 Blocks (3000% per annum ROI)

60020 to 60021 Blocks (7000% per annum ROI)
60021 to 60030 Blocks (3000% per annum ROI)

…so on and so forth, till 70,000 Blocks. After 70K blocks, the base APR of 3000% will be reduced to 700% and the APR of premium blocks will remain the same, that is 7000%. To clarify, the structure of POS rewards after 70K blocks will be as follows:

70000 to 70001 Blocks (7000% per annum ROI)
70001 to 70010 Blocks (700% per annum ROI)

70010 to 70011 Blocks (7000% per annum ROI)
70011 to 70020 Blocks (700% per annum ROI)

70020 to 70021 Blocks (7000% per annum ROI)
70021 to 70030 Blocks (700% per annum ROI)

…so on and so forth. Just to make it simple, every block ending with 1 will have 7000% POS, and all the other blocks will give 3000% ROI till block #70,000, and 700% ROI afterwards.

Miners will get 50 coins per block, till 10,000 blocks. After that, it will be reduced to 25 coins till 20K blocks. And, further reduced to 12.5 coins till 30K blocks. This means that after every 10K blocks the mining reward will reduce into half. To clarify, the POW structure will be as follows:

1 to 10,000 Blocks (50 coins)
10,000 to 20,000 Blocks (25 coins)
20,000 to 30,000 Blocks (12.5 coins)
30,000 to 40,000 Blocks (6.25 coins)
40,000 to 50,000 Blocks (3.125 coins)
50,000 to 60,000 Blocks (1.5625 coins)
60,000 to 70,000 Blocks (0.78125 coins)

…so on and so forth, reducing into half after every 10,000 blocks.










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